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------------- Ejieke Ezeadugu, Head of Marketing and Communications, Rack Centre (left); Ezekiel Egboye, Director of Operations, Rack Centre (second left); Ike Nnamani, Managing Director, Medallion Communications Ltd (second right), and Gbenga Adegbiji, General Manager, MDXi, during Nigeria Information Technology Reporters’ Association monthly breakfast meeting with CEO in Lagos. PHOTO: KINGSTON DANIEL

Data Centre Operators Urge Strong Regulation On Local Data Hosting



Nigeria Data Centre operators has called on Federal Government to come up with a strong Local Data hosting regulation in the country to justify investment and reduce cost customers pay.


This was the unanimous agreement at the Nigeria Information Technology Reporters Association (NITRA)’s February 2018 Edition of the monthly interactive session themed: ‘Breakfast Meeting With The CEO.’


General Manager, MDXi, Gbenga Adegbiyi said in a passionate message to the Federal Government, the GM said the time has come for government to make stronger policies to ensure that private sector and organs of state host very important critical national data for security and economic reasons.


“Government must know the importance of data domestication in Nigeria. When data is hosted abroad the outside world gets our data before us because they have access to it,” he said, adding that  Nigerian Banks now know the value of local data hosting.


In his presentation, Director of Operations, Rack Center, Ezekeil Egboye said that Nigeria is still ranked very low in macro economy because it has not achieved increased infrastructure and technological readiness.

He explained that there is a co-relationship between macro-economic rating and infrastructure readiness, as well as technology readiness. He said Nigeria currently ranks 122 in macroeconomic indices, a reflection of the country’s level of Infrastructure and Technology readiness which stands at 2.0 and 3.0 of 10 respectively.



On his part, Chief Executive Officer of Medallion Communications, Ikechukwu Nnamani, observed that Nigeria needs 72 Data Centers across the country, one in each state. He noted that this will not only help in economic improvement, but also in effective connectivity and quality of data services.


Nnamani strongly canvassed for the localization of data, noting that the federal government should put policies in place that will ensure that local data are hosted locally; and improve on infrastructure support policies to drive down cost.


According to him: “Localization of data is about user experience.” He explained that the quality of data transmitted locally is improved if hosted locally. He also pointed out that there will be a reversal in payment structure as others will be paying to the country for data access, as against the present prevailing position where data is hosted outside the country. “The country will benefit from localization of data because it will mean customized efficient service delivery at lower operating cost. This will also mean national economic growth.”


The Breakfast meeting offers the CEOs an excellent opportunity to showcase some of their company’s achievements, the impacts, benefits and challenges of such business in the country’s national economy before the largest gathering of ICT journalists.


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